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Marang Jeju Mayu Cream

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  • MaterialJeju Horse Fat
  • Size8 * 5 * 8 cm
  • Weight200 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T

[KM Style co.,ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Marang Mayu Cream (Horse Oil Cream)


Marang Jeju Mayu Cream is made out of 100% Jeju hourses oil.

Mayu means horse oil in Korean, and it is famous for the similarity to human’s natural skin oil.

It is effective to recover skin condition, and even helpful to some skin troubles such as atopic allergy.

Marang Mayu Cream got certification for the ability as a functional cosmetic that helps to brighten skin color and improve wrinkles.

Mayu Cream of Jeju island is famous for its outstanding quality in contrast to other similar Mayu cream.

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Mayu Cream is famous in Korea due to the ability of skin regeneration ability.
Mayu means Horse Cream, and the component of horse oil is similar to human's.
Due to the effectiveness of the Mayu Cream, there are many minor mayu cream in Korea, but the quality of our product is outstanding.
Our Mayu cream is made with 100% Jeju Island Horses.
It is widely known that Jeju island's mayu cream is superior to other minor products.

There are many documents that proves out products is outstanding, and we can send them to you, if you are interested in.
So, please contact us via E-mail if you are interested.

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